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Northwest Saanens

The Saanen goat is the largest of the dairy goat breeds. Growing to 130 to 145 pounds, the Saanen breed is known for its milk. As Saanen's are a favorite breed for 4H and FFA participants, Northwest Farm has taken great care to select stock from champion lines throughout the country, allowing us to offer a winning combination of milkability and showability.

Saanen Goat Kids.png

Saanen Kids for Homestead

Patsy (doeling 5.19.22) - (d) Macaroon* (s) Wee Wander* SOLD

Peggy (doeling 5.19.22) - (d) Macaroon* (s) Wee Wander* SOLD

Pete (buckling 5.24.22) - (d) Manifesto* (s) Wee Wander* SOLD

Pele (buckling 5.26.22) - (d) Lulu* (s) Wee Wander* SOLD

Paulina (doeling 5.26.22) - (d) Lulu* (s) Wee Wander* SOLD


*full pedigrees available upon request

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